WHS Rating/Slope Tables

World Handicap System

Under the new system, a player’s handicap is based on the average of eight best scores from their last 20 rounds.

WHS™ takes into account factors that were previously not fully represented in the previous handicapping procedure through a Course and Slope Rating™ System. Our Chart can be found at the bottom of this page.

On 2 November 2020 the governing bodies of amateur golf in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales introduced the new World Handicap System (WHS™).

The previous golf handicapping system maintained by CONGU was replaced by WHS™ unifying the six different structures currently in operation throughout the world of golf. Under WHS™, Scottish Golf is the official handicap supplier for the jurisdiction of Scotland.

With one single, global system in place for the first time, golfers are able to obtain and maintain a Handicap Index® and use this on any course around the world.

In addition, they are able to compete, or simply play a casual round, with fellow golfers anywhere on a fair and equal basis.

As well as encouraging players new to the sport to obtain a handicap with ease, the WHS™ has modernised the game for those who have been playing for longer.