Membership Categories

Full Member Associate Member Junior Member (ages 8 to 17)
Joining Fee, with flexible payment options Joining Fee, with flexible payment options No Joining Fee
Subscription includes £50 swipe card levy, SGU and LGU fees Subscription includes £50 swipe card levy, SGU and LGU fees Subscription
No Playing Restrictions Playing Restrictions, but still weekend play Playing Restrictions (some evenings and weekend times)
Full Voting Rights at AGM and EGM No Voting Rights No Voting Rights

Our Membership Subscription Year commences on 1st December annually, however we accept applications throughout the year. At present all Categories of Membership are Full however you are welcome to apply but the first date of entry could be 2029/2030.

If you are interested in joining Bothwell Castle Golf Club, there is a summary of our membership categories open to new members below. So see which best suits your requirements and contact the Club for a Membership Application Form. Phone 01698 801971, option 2, or complete the contact form below.

Non-Playing Membership
Social Membership
We also allow a limited number of ‘Non-Relative’ Social Members, where friends of members can be introduced as Social Members.

The Social Membership subscription also includes £50 swipe card levy.

Corporate Membership
We offer a limited number of Corporate Membership packages which can be tailored to suit individual requirements, further details below.

If you require further information on Corporate Membership contact The Accounts & Membership Secretary on 01698 801971, option 2 or email