Slow Play and The Rules of Golf

Tips To Avoid Slow Play
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The number one problem in golf today, as evidenced by the overwhelming golfer complaint, is Slow Play. The following tips can help you keep pace with the group
in front of you at all times:

* Your tee off time is at the 1st tee (arrive at the Pro Shop earlier);
* Be ready to play when you arrive at the first tee by having your ball, marker,
* pitch mark repairer and tees already in your pocket;
* Play Ready Golf, no need to discuss who’s furthest out, the first person who is ready should play.
* That goes on Tee box as well.
* Consider all options such as how far and where you want to hit as you approach your ball to enable you to make decisions quickly.
* Make your club selection and complete your practice swings before it is your turn to hit;
* Reduce the number of Practice Swings.
* Watch all balls until they stop rolling to avoid lengthy searches, use a fixed object, such as a tree as a reference point, if in doubt play a provisional ball.
* Park your trolley on the exit side of the green, nearest to the next tee.
* Lengthy delays in lining up putts and viewing putts from all points of the compass are not necessary practices for the average golfer.
* Mark your card on the next tee whilst other players are teeing off.
* Play a provisional ball whenever you think that your ball may be lost (It saves considerable time than having to walk back to the tee to play a second shot if you fail to find your ball ).
* Move to your ball separately of other players, except when your ball is on the line to the green for another player.
* Stop searching for ball after three minutes.
* Leave the player with the lost ball to look on their own after one or two minutes (when the chance of finding it is remote) so as you can prepare for your own shot.
* Call the following group through when you feel your search for the ball is likely to delay them.
* Pick up immediately when you can no longer score for that hole in a stableford competition.
* In a bounce game consider giving your opponents short putts - but especially if they are “out of the hole”.
* In a bounce game play off the tee appropriate to the skill level in your group. Playing from harder tees may make the game less enjoyable for higher handicaps / shorter drivers in your group and overall slows the pace of play.

Remember, to prevent slow play you set your pace by the game in front not the game behind!